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Imagine a school...

  • with teachers that are trained storytellers.

  • that understands that the primary work of a kindergartner is done through their unstructured and skillfully observed play.

  • that takes children on journeys to Ancient Egypt, to mingle with Norse gods, to participate in a Greek Pentathlon and to attend a Medieval Knighting Ceremony.

  • that fosters a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world and our place in it.

  • where students learn how to live on the earth through experiencing basic ancestral skills and crafts and focus on reverence for nature and our environment.

  • where students learn in a deeper, more experiential manner by creating their own textbooks from lessons that move in the flow from heart to hands to head.

  • where music and art are revered as tools for deeper learning and are weaved seamlessly into the curriculum.

  • that understands that the individual relates to the whole—in relation to everything from form drawing to class council circles to gardening to family participation.


Did you know that all this doesn't have to stop with your imagination? At Mariposa, imagination comes to life!

  • Now that we have planted the seeds of our imagination and created this reality at Mariposa, we need to nurture them; cultivate them; help them sustain themselves and grow.
  • Your support will help instill inspiration in every child at Mariposa. Our unique programs are that powerful. 

  • Be a change-maker! Pay inspiration forward: inspire your friends, family members and your community about the type of education your child is receiving at Mariposa. Be part of the growing movement of education with intention and educating the whole child. 


100% participation. Let's close the gap!

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  • Let's work together on this journey to make an inspired impact! 

  • California public schools are ranked 40th out of the 50 states for receiving government funding and LVUSD (while ranked in the top 2% for academic performance) receives less funding per student than most districts in the state.  That means it's imperative we do it ourselves. That means we need to come up with the rest of funding ourselves. And we can do it—100% of us really can do this!

  • This is a collective effort—there is power in active participation. We ask for $550 per child to help us close the gap between state funding and Mariposa's program costs. If you can donate that amount or more, we are grateful and we'll be well on our way to sustaining our journey!

  • We realize that $550 may not be realistic for every family. Because of that, we have another goal: we are aiming for 100% participation. That means we ask that all families can donate what they are financially comfortable with. For some, that may mean splitting up their $550 in monthly or quarterly payments. For others that means $10/month. Whatever amount you are financially capable of donating will help us reach our goal of 100% participation. Please know that every dollar counts!

  • We all want the same thing: to continue the Mariposa journey and watch it grow, as it inspires and positively impacts our children. But we need you, every one of you, in order to make the impact we seek.