We all shop. Sometimes it’s online, sometimes it’s at brick-and-mortar stores. Did you know that no matter how you shop you can earn passive income for Mariposa by simply clicking on the links below?

Did you know that using our Amazon link will earn Mariposa thousands of dollars? And it only takes a minute to register your Ralphs card. Our new CSA, Imperfect Produce, delivers fresh and delicious produce right to the Mariposa campus or your home every week and gives us 10 bucks when you sign up. Looking for comfy school clothes without al the sequins and slogans? Primary will give back to Mariposa when you use our link. And, if you’re tired of searching the lost & found for your child’s clothes or lunch containers, use our Mabel’s Labels link! Simply scroll down for more info and click on the links to get started! 

Want a more personalized, Mariposa-style shopping experience? Click here to visit the Enchanted Nook Online, Mariposa's campus store annex filled with curated items you can purchase on Amazon while earning money for Mariposa!

Click here to shop on Amazon! Bookmark this link – save it to your Favorites folder – and it’ll show up on your smartphone too when you tap on the address bar.

Last year, over $2000 was donated to our school via Amazon!

Free, fast and easy!!!!

Welcome to the best, easiest fundraiser ever! Shop Primary’s premium colorful basics for kids without logos, slogans or sequins while earning money for our school! (Told you it was easy.) Use our school’s unique link every time you shop: www.primary.com/school/mariposa and 10% of that sale goes directly back to our school. Cha-ching! Plus, new customers get 25% off their first order with code: MARIPOSA. If you have any questions, reach out to MariposaPresidents (at) gmail (dot) com.

Mabel’s Labels are personalized, peel & stick, super-durable labels that safely go in the laundry, dishwasher and microwave. They’re loved by parents & kids alike. And they’re perfect for all your kids’ stuff – from shoes & clothes to water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks and more!

With this link you can help Mariposa raise 20% of all purchases made! Simply visit the Mabel’s Labels site and choose Mariposa School of Global Education from the “Select Your School/Organization” dropdown menu, then shop to your heart’s content!


Groceries on a mission.

Healthy and delicious groceries for up to 30% less than the store, delivered to Mariposa or your home! Be sure to sign up with code Mariposa10 so that Mariposa will receive $10!

Imperfect is a food delivery company focused on fighting food waste by finding a home for 'ugly' produce and imperfect grocery items. We source imperfect produce that would have otherwise gone to waste directly from farms and deliver it to our customers' door for about 30% less than the grocery store. These fruits and veggies are just as delicious and nutritious as their perfect counterparts in the grocery store. They simply look a little 'wonky' on the outside. 

Upon sign-up, you can select the box size, type, and frequency that suits your lifestyle. For each order, your box will be filled with imperfect fruits and/or vegetables according to the box type you selected. Our ever-changing list of delicious, seasonal produce and grocery items is available for you to view during your customization window. This allows you to edit your box as much as you'd like – so there’s no receiving or paying for items you don’t want!


Ralph’s donates generously to our community and we earned a lot last year from registered phone numbers.

Register on-line at Ralphs by creating an account.  Link your card to Mariposa by clicking on “Community Rewards” and enter the Mariposa account # 92812.